Getting started with MijnONVZ

Do you want to use MijnONVZ, but don’t know how it works yet? Keep reading and you’ll see just how easy it is to start managing your health-care paperwork online.

MijnONVZ is your personal online environment that makes it easy for you to manage all of your health-care paperwork. You can use MijnONVZ to take care of things such as submitting invoices and viewing claims. It also lets you check your remaining excess amount at a glance. MijnONVZ is currently only available in Dutch.

Logging on
Simply log on using your DigiD and SMS verification code. If you don’t have a DigiD account or haven’t activated SMS verification yet, please first go to or log on using iDIN, a new log-on option that is also used for online banking. iDIN is currently still in the pilot stage.

Submitting a claim
Submitting an invoice online couldn’t be any easier. Simply go to the ‘Uw overzicht’ [Your personal overview] tab or the ‘Uw declaraties’ [Your claims] tab and you will see the ‘Declaratie indienen’ [Submit claim] option on the right. Next, upload your scanned invoice and enter all the required details.

Viewing claims
Under ‘Uw declaraties’ [Your claims], you will see all of the information about your claims. If a claim you have submitted has not been processed yet, it will be at the top of the page. Below, you will find all the amounts we have charged to your excess, as well as the amount we have charged as your personal contribution. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of all your claims that have been processed. Select an invoice to view the corresponding medical details.

Checking your excess
Want to check how much excess amount you have outstanding? The remaining payable excess amount is shown on the right on the ‘Uw declaraties’ [Your claims] tab. You can also open a list of claims that have been offset against your excess.

Tip! Check your email address
To make sure everything goes smoothly, it is important that you keep your details up to date. Go to the ‘Uw gegevens’ [Your details] tab to check whether your email address is registered correctly on MijnONVZ. If necessary, you can change your details on this same page.

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