The Wereldfit supplementary health-care plan

Dutch citizens are increasingly keen on travelling. Many people need more extensive coverage than the coverage their basic health-care plan offers abroad. This is why ONVZ has developed a new health-care plan: Wereldfit. A supplementary health-care plan for all medical expenses incurred abroad.

Care-free travels
Medical assistance abroad is probably not the first thing you think about when you go on a trip. But if you happen to need it when you are abroad, you don’t want to face unexpected costs.
Many Dutch citizens therefore take out travel insurance alongside their supplementary health-care plan. This is, however, not always necessary. Chances are you will duplicate your coverage by doing so.

Urgent medical expenses
Wereldfit covers all medical expenses incurred abroad. This sounds self-evident, but it’s not. Your basic health-care plan will cover the costs of health care abroad up to the amount covered for the same treatment in the Netherlands. In countries such as the United States and Switzerland, however, treatment can be as much as five times more expensive than in the Netherlands. You would then have to pay the difference out of your own pocket. Our Wereldfit plan takes away this risk of you having to pay extra, wherever in the world you may be.

Accommodation and transportation costs
Besides covering the costs of urgent medical assistance, Wereldfit also covers additional accommodation and transportation costs. If you, for example, have to cut your trip short due to a (serious) accident or (serious) illness of a travel companion or family member, you will also be covered.

A single point of contact
Should anything happen to you on your travels, please contact ONVZ Zorgassistance immediately. They are always on hand to help you get medical assistance and advice on treatments. You can call them on +31 (0)88 668 97 67. They will make arrangements for things such as (payment of) your flight home and an extended stay and transportation for you and your travel companions.

Unique: also for planned health care
When it comes to planned regular health care, Wereldfit provides coverage if you decide to seek treatment in Belgium or Germany. If you, for example, need a hip operation and waiting lists in the Netherlands are extremely long, you can go to a hospital in either of our neighbouring countries without any extra costs. Do make sure you talk to one of our ZorgConsulent advisers about this first.
For further details, please visit the Wereldfit page.

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