It’s your health.So the choice is yours.

ONVZ Health Insurance gives you the freedom to choose your own doctor and hospital. ONVZ combines the best coverage in the Netherlands with personal advice.


By choosing ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar, you are putting your health in good hands. Whatever your needs are and whatever stage of life you are at, there is a health plan to suit you and your family. As a non-profit organisation, ONVZ offers excellent rates for internationals.

Do you want to cover just the essentials with a basic health-care plan, or would you like complete coverage that is anything but standard. ONVZ Health Insurance offers plenty of options:

  • Basic health-care plan (mandatory for all residents in the Netherlands)
  • Choose from 6 supplementary plans (Startfit to Superfit)
  • Choose from 4 dental plans (Tandfit)
  • Additional packages available for benefits such as a private room in case of hospitalisation

Reasons to choose ONVZ

  • Freedom of choice - choose your health-care provider or brand of medicine yourself
  • Top quality - people insured with ONVZ have the most confidence in their health insurer and give us a rating of 8.2 out of 10*
  • English communication – English speaking experts and basic documentation in English
  • Personal service and convenience - fast assistance and support from our ZorgConsulent: your medically trained health-care guide

ONVZ is the only full restitution insurer in the Netherlands
This means that we offer the most extensive coverage in the whole country. ‘Normal’ restitution insurers mostly provide coverage up to an amount previously negotiated with a health-care provider, which may result in you having to pay extra.

*Trust Compass Vertrouwensindex Zorgverzekeraars 2015 by market research institute GfK

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