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ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar - still the best health insurer in the Netherlands

ONVZ continues to let you choose your own doctor and hospital. Maybe that is why we have been voted number one yet again.

ONVZ proclaimed best health insurer again in 2014

Becoming the best is hard, but remaining the best is even harder. That is why ONVZ is delighted with the results of the 2014 Klantenmonitor Zorgverzekeringen® customer survey. Independent research firm MarketResponse surveyed customers of 26 different health insurance brands and found that ONVZ policyholders are the most satisfied with their health insurer. This puts ONVZ in first place yet again.
Not that we at ONVZ are now going to sit back and take it easy. On the contrary, we will do our utmost to give our customers the best possible service, and most importantly to continue to guarantee their freedom of choice of doctor and hospital, even in these difficult times.
This freedom of choice is what has made us so successful. ONVZ lets you make important decisions about your health care yourself and does not interfere. You decide for yourself which doctor and which hospital to go to. The choice is yours, your doctor provides the treatment and ONVZ takes care of the costs.
We are also happy to advise you in your choice and we can provide you with an expert opinion whenever you need it. We leave your treatment in your doctor’s hands, and ensure that your claims are paid promptly and that you are never faced with unpleasant financial surprises.


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