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ONVZ's health insurance policies

By taking out an ONVZ health-care plan, you are putting your health in good hands, whatever your needs, whatever stage of your life you are at. The ONVZ health insurance policy offering freedom of choice gives you plenty of options: a basic health-care plan, five supplementary plans, a dental plan and a package providing a single room and other benefits in case of hospitalisation. Do you simply want to cover the bare necessities with a basic health-care plan, or would you like complete cover that is anything but standard?

Key advantages:

  • Complete freedom of choice: choose your health-care provider or brand of medicine yourself.
  • Top quality: only the best is good enough.
  • Service and convenience: fast assistance, with support from the ZorgConsulent.

The modules available for the ONVZ Vrije Keuze Zorgplan are:

International health-care plan

If you do not reside in the Netherlands, you may not be eligible for the Basisverzekering (basic health-care plan). This may also apply if you live abroad for an extended period, if your address is no longer registered at your local council or if you receive income from abroad. ONVZ provides those in that situation with an appropriate solution – the ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal (ONVZ international health-care plan).

Medical selection

If you decide to take out the Basisverzekering (basic health-care plan) on its own or in combination with Vrije Keuze Extrafit or Vrije Keuze Benfit, there will be no restrictions on you becoming an ONVZ customer. For all other plans, you will need to answer some medical history questions so we can determine whether or not you are eligible.

If you do have an ONVZ Basisverzekering (basic health-care plan), you will need to pay a surcharge on all of the supplementary plans.


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