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Privé Zorgpakket: privacy and comfort during hospitalisation

Privacy and comfort during hospitalisation

Of course, you would much rather be healthy. But imagine you did need to be hospitalised. Privacy and peace and quiet would do you the world of good. So give the ONVZ Privé Zorgpakket a thought, a package that not only provides you with a single room, but also personal support and extra service. You will then only have one thing on your mind: getting better as soon as possible.

The following modules are available for the Privé Zorgpakket:

Privé Kamer: recover in peace in your own room

If you decide to take out the Privé Kamer module, you will get a single room in one of the hospitals we have selected. For planned admissions, we can even guarantee you a private room. This will allow you to recover from your treatment or operation in peace.
The single room is available for treatments or operations by specialists in one of the following fields: surgery, gynaecology, ENT, dental surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, urology or plastic surgery.

Privé Zorg Luxe: a private room with extra luxury

If you decide to go for Privé Zorg Luxe, you will not only get a private room, but you will also be able to enjoy a number of extras. Things that will make your hospital stay that bit more pleasant, such as continuous visiting times with tea and coffee, sumptuous meals, television, internet connection, a fridge in your room filled with a range of drinks and a newspaper and/or magazine of your choice every day.

Privé Zorg Assistent: personal support before, during and after your admission

If you are going into hospital, you’d rather not have anything else to worry about. After all, hospitalisation is drastic enough as it is. This is where the Privé Zorg Assistent comes in. The following are just some of the things that the Privé Zorg Assistent can take care of:

  • Answering any questions you have regarding your hospitalisation
  • Organising and reimbursing transport to and from hospital 
  • Personal support during admission and discharge
  • Home care and medical appliances 
  • Childcare 
  • Ensuring your room meets the agreed standards

Privé Zorg Totaal

A complete package, consisting of Privé Kamer, Zorg Luxe and the Zorg Assistent.

Daily allowance

If no private room is available in the Netherlands, you will be reimbursed € 75 for each day of your hospital stay. A reimbursement of € 5 per day applies to Privé Zorg Luxe.


The Privé Kamer module is the only one available abroad. Extra costs for a single or double room in case of hospitalisation in Belgium, Germany or France are covered, but only if a room is available in the hospital concerned.

Medical selection

Medical selection applies to this supplementary policy.


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