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ONVZ ZorgConsulent: your health-care guide

Help in finding the right care

Do you have any questions about possible methods of treatment or would you like more information about your operation? The ZorgConsulent can help you.

The ONVZ ZorgConsulent is an extra health-care service that we provide for all of our policyholders. Whether you need help, information or advice, you can count on a personal answer to all of your health-related questions. A free health check or sports and exercise advice are also available once a year.

The ZorgConsulent can help with:

  • Information and advice on possible methods of treatment or operations.
  • General information by telephone from a doctor or dietitian about illnesses, complaints and nutrition.
  • Support and advice in arranging a second opinion.
  • A free health check or sports and exercise advice (once a year).
  • Informative material on healthy living, exercise and nutrition.
  • Mediation to reduce the waiting time for an initial consultation, treatment or admission.
  • Arranging home care after hospitalisation of 6 days or more (only for those with a supplementary plan).
  • Information and advice for preventive health-related courses.
  • Finding a health-care provider, e.g. GP, specialist, psychologist.
  • Information and mediation for a preventive health check.
  • Information about patients' associations.
  • Arranging childcare in case of hospitalisation of one of the parents.

Request health-care mediation online

Does your hospital have endless waiting lists? ONVZ is well-informed about the existing waiting lists. We mediate for you when you need outpatient treatment and assistance or when you need to be admitted. Visit MijnONVZ and request health-care mediation online (in Dutch). The ZorgConsulent will contact you within two working days of receiving your request.


You can call the ZorgConsulent on working days between 8.30am and 5.30pm on +31 (0)30 639 62 24.


Tel +31 (0)30 639 62 22

Mon-Fri 08:30 - 21:00

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