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Informing us of any changes

Have you moved house, got married or had a child? Please inform us about any changes in good time. We can keep offering you the best possible service as long as we have the right information.

You can inform us about changes by letter or online through MijnONVZ. Please send your changes to:

T.a.v. afdeling Cliëntenservice
ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar
Postbus 392
3990 GD  Houten

What changes do we need to know about?

  • Change in health insurance policy
  • Moving house
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Detention
  • Start or end of military service 
  • New account number
  • Marriage or civil partnership 
  • Divorce or end of civil partnership
  • Cancellation of collective insurance


If you want to cancel your ONVZ basic health insurance policy and/or supplementary health insurance policy, ensure that we receive your written cancellation no later than 31 December. Cancellations can only be made in writing by means of a signed letter or using the cancellation form. Cancellations cannot be made by telephone or via the Internet. The health insurance policy will then be terminated on 1 January of the new year.
If you have cancelled your health insurance policy on time, you can take out a new health insurance policy, no later than 1 February. This new insurance will be valid from 1 January of that year (retroactively if applicable). We will always send you confirmation of your cancellation.

A premium surcharge of 100% applies if you only cancel your basic health insurance policy and retain your additional cover.

Cancellation of collective insurance

If you leave your job, your health insurance policy cannot be terminated. In such cases, you must continue the health insurance policy or policies on an individual basis until at least the date on which your contract expires, which is 1 January. The premium will then be higher then, because the collective discount will no longer apply. If you join a collective scheme through your new employer, the previous health insurance policy will be terminated.


Tel +31 (0)30 639 62 22

Mon-Fri 08:30 - 21:00

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