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Acceptance supplementary health-care plans

The basic health-care plan ONVZ Vrije Keuze Basisverzekering and supplementary Vrije Keuze Startfit, Extrafit, Benfit and Optifit plans, do not require your employees to answer any medical history questions. This is also the case when applying for Tandfit A and Tandfit B (the latter in combination with Vrije keuze Optifit).


At ONVZ, your monthly premium will amount to just € 69,50 should you opt for a voluntary excess of
€ 500 per year. Submitting your application online is easy. Click the link below and  calculate your premium now.

The following is needed to realize a health care insurance:

For the employee;

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Copy of labour contract with the exact starting date. (a comment which states "starting date is one day after arrival" will not be enough) or an e-mail from your employer confirming the date employment has started.

For family members;

  • Copy of your passport;

This documents must be uploaded at the end of the digital application process.

To your premium and application.

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