Our health insurances

By taking out an ONVZ health-care plan, you put your health in good hands, whatever your needs, whatever stage of your life you are at. The ONVZ health insurance policy offering freedom of choice gives you plenty of options: a basic health-care plan, six supplementary plans, a dental plan and a package providing a single room and other benefits in case of hospitalization. Do you simply want to cover the bare necessities with a basic health-care plan, or would you like complete cover that is anything but standard?

The modules available for the ONVZ Vrije Keuze Zorgplan are:

  • Basic health insurance policy: covers the most necessary expenses
  • Supplementary health insurance policies:
    • Startfit   •
    • Extrafit   ••
    • Benfit     •••
    • Optifit    ••••
    • Topfit     •••••
    • Superfit  ••••••
    • Privé Zorgpakket: Privacy and comfort during hospitalization
  • Supplementary dental health insurance policies:
    • Tandfit A •
    • Tandfit B ••
    • Tandfit C •••
    • Tandfit D  ••••
  • ZorgConsulent:  your health-care guide 


If you do not have an ONVZ basic health insurance policy, you pay a surcharge of 50% on Startfit, Extrafit, Benefit, Optifit or Topfit. Superfit may only be taken out in combination with the ONVZ-Basisverzekering.

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