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ONVZ scores 8.0 with products

ONVZ products and services score 8.2 out of 10

12-05-2019 - ONVZ has the best product range out of all health insurers and its services are also highly rated. Overall, ONVZ's customers give them 8.2 out of 10. 

This was revealed by the KlantenMonitor Zorgverzekeringen customer satisfaction survey, which is carried out every year for all health insurers. Policyholders of the ONVZ brands, including VvAA, are very loyal and have a lot of trust in their health insurer. 

ONVZ policyholders rate the insurer's products and services highly and continue to have an exceptional amount of trust in ONVZ. This is expressed in the Net Trust Score (NTS), which is +21 on average for all insurers. With scores of +30 and +29 respectively, ONVZ and VvAA are well above average. 


Twenty-nine health insurers participated in this year's KlantenMonitor Zorgverzekeringen, which revealed significant differences in the levels of trust and loyalty for the various health insurers. Another clear trend is the major influence price has on policyholders' loyalty.

ONVZ and VvAA policyholders are very likely to recommend their insurer to friends and family. This likelihood to recommend is expressed in the NPS score, which was +27 for ONVZ and +22 for VvAA. The average for all health insurers is +15. 

Source: KlantenMonitor Zorgverzekeringen® 2019 and SAMR, the company that carried out the survey.

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