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What does travel advice mean for the coverage of your health insurance?

8-6-2020 - We are slowly awakening from our corona slumber and, with the summer holidays at our doorstep, we can cautiously start thinking about traveling abroad again. However, certain restrictions still apply. What does this mean for your health insurance?

Until June 15, the Foreign Affairs travel advice for all countries is still orange. This means that traveling abroad is not recommended.

From June 15, it is possible to go on holiday to many countries within the EU/ Schengen zone and to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The travel advice for these countries and areas will then be changed to yellow (holiday trips are possible, but be extra vigilant).

The travel advice will remain orange if a country does not yet have enough control over the coronavirus, does not yet welcome Dutch tourists or imposes quarantine on arrival. You can easily check which country falls into which category on

But what do those colour codes mean for your health insurance?

Green or yellow travel advice

If you are traveling to an area that is still considered safe at the moment of departure (travel advice colour code: green or yellow) you are still covered by your basic and supplementary insurance plans. Even when the travel advice changes when you are already at your destination.

If you or one of your traveling companions has been infected with the coronavirus, Wereldfit and Superfit sometimes reimburse the costs of extra transport or accommodation. Read more in our policy terms and conditions.

Orange or red travel advice

If you are traveling to a risk area (travel advice colour code: orange or red), only costs covered by your basic health-care plan are eligible for reimbursement. In that case, your supplementary health-care plans, including Wereldfit and Superfit, do not cover any expenses. If the travel advice code changes to orange or red while you are already at your destination, the cover of your supplementary insurance plans stays in effect.

Medical costs abroad may turn out higher than what the same care would have cost in the Netherlands. The basic health-care plan covers expenses up to a maximum of the Dutch rate. You will have to pay costs that exceed the Dutch rate yourself. If you use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), the regulations of the country where you receive the care determine the reimbursement.

180 days maximum

Please take into account that the extra coverage for costs incurred abroad provided by Wereldfit or Superfit is only valid for the first 180 days of your travels.

At the moment code orange or red applies to the entire world. As of June 15, 2020, the travel advice for a number of countries will change. If you are traveling abroad from 15 June, the maximum insured period abroad of 180 days as per our General rules and regulations will again apply, even if you exceed this maximum period due to mandatory quarantine. The situation surrounding the coronavirus can change at any time. In the event of a new outbreak, countries may take strict measures, such as restricting access to certain areas and closing borders. This can go very quickly. It is up to you if you are willing to take the risk.

Zorgassistance emergency centre

Do you unexpectedly need health care or assistance abroad? Please contact our Zorgassistance emergency centre.

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