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Tandfit B

Tandfit B supplementary dental health-care plan offers generous reimbursements for visits to a dentist or dental hygienist.

What does Tandfit B cover?

The basic health-care plan covers the majority of dental expenses up to the age of 18. However, if you are aged 18 or above, this is no longer the case. So why not take out one of our supplementary ONVZ dental health-care plans? The coverage shown is provided for each adult, per calendar year.

Key benefits Tandfit B

  • € 500 coverage for general dental care,of which € 150 may be spent on preventive oral care (M codes)
  • € 5.000 accident coverage

Refer to the coverage summary or general rules and regulations and coverage to see all of our benefits.

More supplementary health-care plans

If you would like to extend your coverage, consider taking out these supplementary health-care plans.

  • OntzorgPlus

    Assured of generous compensations and the best help in emergency situations.

  • Supplementary health-care plans

    Physiotherapy, orthodontics and more.

  • Wereldfit

    Reimbursement for urgent health-care all around the world.


Good to know

  • You can only take out your insurance online

    You can take out your insurance directly via the yellow card on the right.

    Please note: if you live outside the Netherlands, you can apply for a supplementary health-care plan by filling in a paper application form and sending it to us. Please request the paper application form using this contact form (in Dutch).

  • 50% surcharge if you only take out Tandfit B

    If you do not have an ONVZ basic health-care plan, you pay a surcharge of 50% on Tandfit B.

  • Sometimes you can take out Tandfit B at a time other than January 1th

    You only have the opportunity to take out Tandfit B during the year in the following two cases:

    - as soon as your child turns 18, when dental costs are no longer insured under the basic health-care plan
    - if your entitlement to the basic health-care plan commences during the year

  • No additional restrictions with regard to a compensation

    Tandfit B has no additional restrictions with regard to certain benefits, such as reimbursement of one crown every three years. The compensation mentioned simply applies to the entire calendar year.

  • You could go to all dental care providers

    You can go to any dental care provider: a dentist, prosthodontist and dental hygienist.

  • The general rules and regulations always apply

    The general rules and regulations apply to all health care and to everyone. They specify things such as coverage exclusions and changes you have to let us know about.

    Please note: in the event of discrepancies between the Dutch text of the general rules and regulations and coverage and their explanation and translations thereof, the Dutch text and explanation shall prevail.

Insurance online

  1. Quickly arranged online
  2. Policy schedule by e-mail
  3. You are perfectly insured

Tandfit B

28,97 p/m

  • Including discount
  • Optimal freedom of choice
  • Your personal ZorgConsulent
  • Generous compensation

Tandfit B

28,97 p/m

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