Freedom of choice insured.Also in 2016.

We ensure your freedom of choice, therefore the ONVZ health care plan is what you are looking for if you are an expat.

Health Insurance for Global Citizen


By choosing ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar, you are putting your health in good hands. Whatever your needs, and whatever stage of life you are at, there is a health plan to suit you. As a non-profit organisation, ONVZ offers excellent rates for expats.

The monthly premium of our basic health-care plan is €101.15. You can choose to increase your deductible excess from €385 to €885 and receive an annual discount of €300 on your premium.

The ONVZ health insurance policy offers freedom of choice and plenty of options:

  • Basic health care plan (mandatory for all residents in the Netherlands)
  • Choose from 6 supplementary plans
  • Choose from 4 dental plans
  • Additional packages available for benefits such as a private room in case of hospitalisation

Do you want to cover just the essentials with a basic health care plan, or would you like complete coverage that is anything but standard? ONVZ will give you these key benefits:

  • Freedom of choice - choose your health care provider or brand of medicine
  • Top quality - only the best is good enough
  • Service and convenience - rapid assistance, and support from the ZorgConsulent(Our ZorgConsulent advisers can offer assistance with services such as reducing hospital waiting times and requests for a second opinion. They are also happy to answer any questions about your health)

Your opinion matters

How do we do this? By listening carefully to our customers’ needs. Tell us what you think.

ONVZ has a team of English speaking experts and provides basic documentation in English (general provisions, brochures, declaration forms etc.).

For more information on our health insurance policies please call: 030 6396397
Monday–Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm.

To apply for health insurance, please use the Dutch website. If you would prefer to use an English application form, you can find one here. Please email your completed application form to

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