ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal

By law, everyone who lives in the Netherlands or who pays income tax in the Netherlands must have a basic health insurance policy. The few exceptions are those in active military service and those who object to the principle of insurance (conscientious objectors).

If, however you live abroad for an extended period, your address is no longer registered at your local council or you receive income from abroad for example, you may not be eligible for a basic health insurance policy. This is no problem, ONVZ has the right solution for you - the ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal (ONVZ international health insurance policy).

Choose your level of cover

The ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal (ONVZ international health insurance policy) is made up of various modules. You can choose which are most suited to you. Basisfit Internationaal is the basic module for this plan. However, if this does not provide you with enough cover you can also take out one of our supplementary health insurance policies. Our broad selection ranges from limited to fully comprehensive supplementary policies. The choice is yours!

The modules available for the ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal are:

ONVZ Basisfit Internationaal

This module provides the same cover as basic health insurance policies, as determined by the Dutch government. It covers you against the costs of hospitalisation, specialist care, GP visits and medicines. 

ONVZ Extrafit Internationaal

Extrafit Internationaal is a supplementary health insurance policy that covers a number of important costs. These include medicines and (limited) physiotherapy, but also things like prevention and stuttering therapy. And all that for a highly competitive premium.

ONVZ Benfit Internationaal

Are you looking for a good supplementary health insurance policy for an attractive premium? Benfit Internationaal is the one for you. It provides you with comprehensive cover for orthodontics and medication, and limited cover for physiotherapy and alternative medicines.

ONVZ Optifit Internationaal

If you want more extensive supplementary cover, choose Optifit Internationaal. This provides 100% cover for orthodontics up to the age of 18, as well as comprehensive cover for glasses or contact lenses and physiotherapy.

ONVZ Tandfit

This supplementary dental health insurance policy is available in different versions, depending on how much cover you need. There are no complicated terms and conditions, so you won’t get any nasty surprises later on. There are four modules to choose from. The cover shown is that provided for each adult, in each calendar year.

  • ONVZ Tandfit Internationaal A: 75% up to a maximum of € 250
  • ONVZ Tandfit Internationaal B: 75% up to a maximum of € 750
  • ONVZ Tandfit Internationaal C: 75% up to a maximum of € 1500
  • ONVZ Tandfit Internationaal D: 100% up to a maximum of € 1500

ONVZ Privé Zorgpakket

This module gives you privacy and comfort in case of hospitalisation, with a single room, extra luxury and personal support before, during and after your admission.

Medical selection

Medical selection applies to all international health insurance policy.

How to apply

Would you like to apply for the ONVZ Zorgplan Internationaal (ONVZ international health insurance policy)? Please use the international application form.


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