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As long as your employees are healthy, they’ll be in charge of their lives. But if anything goes wrong, it’s comforting to be well-insured. ONVZ offers security with a focus on their wishes and needs, and room for their own choices when it comes to health care. So with ONVZ’s first-class health-care plan, your employees can be sure that we’ve got them covered. 

Benefits for you as an employer

Staying fit and healthy at work? Treat your employees to ONVZ’s collective health-care plan. It offers many benefits for them, like Werkfit and discounts on supplementary health-care plans.

Our collective health-care plan is also interesting for you as an employer. It gives you access to our Health Network with suitable health care at affordable rates. And finally, we’ll provide you with valuable data on the greatest health risks in your company or organisation and insight into the development of your collective health-care plan.

This way we’ll keep your employees fit and healthy together. Naturally, you can also make use of the ONVZ Zakelijk portal for businesses and organisations. This makes it easier for you to help your employees apply for a health-care plan, or to gain insight into your collective contract(s).

Your employees can choose what suits them best

Comprehensive insurance or only for the most important health care? At ONVZ your employees can choose between: 

A preventive health check-up

Your employees can choose between a mental and a physical health check-up on location. 

Three free physiotherapy sessions

This extra coverage is provided on top of any treatments included in your employees supplementary health-care plans.  

Preventing or treating work-related stress

Werkfit offers your employees four different solutions that help them tackle stress complaints, worth €500. 

€250 reimbursement for extra psychological care

This allows your employees to visit a psychologist for 2 or 3 consultations, depending on the length of the consultation and the rate charged by the psychologist.

Working on stress and other mild stress-related complaints with Mirro

Your employees can get started with Mirro's online self-help modules Work Stress, Sleeping Well, Working at Home or Feedback and conflict management. They can use these for free. 

ONVZ Zakelijk: all your records in one place

The number one portal for your digital partnership with ONVZ. Simply forward an application link to your employees and gain an insight into your collective health-care plan and associated contract agreements. Learn more about ONVZ Zakelijk. Or click the button to log in or request an account.

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