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ONVZ is the most reliable health insurer in the Netherlands

Houten, April 18, 2023 - Research agency MarketResponse has measured loyalty and satisfaction among policyholders of health insurers in the independent survey (KlantenMonitor Zorgverzekeringen) Customer Monitor Health Insurance 2023. More customers recommend ONVZ, according to the strongly increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +35 (2022: +29). This puts ONVZ in position 2 at the top of the market. Confidence in ONVZ has also increased significantly: the Net Trust Score (NTS) rises to +40. This puts ONVZ in first place this year as the health insurer with the most trust enjoy his insureds.

With these scores, ONVZ performs well above the market average (NPS + 16 and NTS +20). The strongly increased appreciation also applies to the general assessment of the service and the product by policyholders. The score for services has risen to 8.5 (2022: 8.3) and for the product to 8.0 (2022: 7.9).

Positive about handling declarations and contact

The appreciation by policyholders also increased for all underlying sub-processes. Policyholders have a positive general experience and are positive about the comprehensiveness of the package and the coverage. They also have confidence that things are properly arranged. Policyholders are particularly positive about the handling of claims. They appreciate the ease of submission  (8.8), the speed of payment (8.7) and the reasonableness of awarding. Insureds are also more satisfied with the (personal) contact with ONVZ via telephone (8.3), e-mail (8.1) and chat (7.8). There are also points for attention when using the digital channels; including the availability and clarity of the app and the my environment.

Thank you for appreciation and trust

Esther Jelsma, ONVZ customer relations cluster manager: “As First Class Health Insurance, we work hard every day to offer our policyholders excellent service. We are very pleased with the positive assessment of our policyholders and the scores on NPS and NTS, which are well above the market average, and have risen again. It is an incentive to continue to improve our service and services to them. We would like to thank all policyholders for this wonderful appreciation, their loyalty and their confidence in ONVZ. “

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