Scheduled health care abroad

Do you prefer going for treatment abroad? Below we will elaborate on the conditions for reimbursement and explain what you need to do before your treatment starts.


What is scheduled health care?

If you choose to go abroad to undergo treatment, the care you will receive is called scheduled or non-urgent care.

Whether such treatment is covered depends, among other things, on the country where you will undergo the treatment and your insurance plan. Reimbursement also depends on whether the care is covered by your basic or supplementary health-care plan. Read all about it on this page.

Scheduled care abroad

When is scheduled care abroad eligible for reimbursement? Read all about it in our General Rules and Regulations and Coverage, page 190 to 192.



Would you like to go to a hospital in Belgium or Germany for treatment? Wereldfit offers comprehensive coverage. Read more in our General Rules and Regulations and Coverage, page 199-200.


Scheduled care or Wlz (long-term care) abroad

Prior permission from ONVZ or your Zorgkantoor (care administration office) is often needed. For more information, please contact our Service Centre.


Submitting foreign invoices

Make sure the invoice contains the right information and save all original invoices and referrals.

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Good to know

  • Are you planning to go abroad for treatment? Please contact our ZorgConsulent advisers first. They can be reached by calling 0800 022 14 50 (free). If you have Superfit or Wereldfit, you are obliged to contact the ZorgConsulent advisers in advance. They will help you choose a suitable hospital in Belgium or Germany.

  • Medical costs abroad may turn out higher than what the same care would have cost in the Netherlands. It is therefore important to know that the basic health-care plan covers expenses up to a maximum of what the health care would have cost in the Netherlands. If the health care provided abroad is more expensive than this care in the Netherlands, you will have to pay the difference yourself. With our Wereldfit and Superfit supplementary health-care plans you are covered for the costs of medical specialist care in hospitals in Belgium and Germany that exceed the Dutch rate.

  • Conditions that apply in the Netherlands also apply abroad. For example, if you need a referral or our prior permission for treatment this also applies if you go abroad for the same treatment.

Need care-related advice?

Are you planning to go abroad for treatment? Our ZorgConsulent advisers are available to inform you about reimbursement and any other options and risks. The ZorgConsulent advisers can be reached on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm via 0800 022 14 50 (free, press 2).


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