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Get complete freedom of choice with ONVZ Vrije Keuze

You like to make your own decisions, including when it comes to your and your family’s health. At ONVZ, we’re here for you when you need health care. With the ONVZ Vrije Keuze plan, you have complete freedom of choice. You get 100% reimbursement at all hospitals and general practitioners, and most other health-care providers. For some types of health care, we provide a maximum reimbursement in the unlikely event that your health-care provider is not contracted. So if you do opt for a health-care provider that doesn’t have a contract with us, our Maximum reimbursements apply.

Choosing your health-care provider

The online Zorgzoeker (health care finder) makes it easy to find the health-care provider closest to you. Once you’ve found a provider, you will see their contact details and whether they have a contract with us. If so, the health-care provider will claim the costs directly from us. And if permission is needed, the health-care provider will usually arrange this for you.

If the health-care provider does not have a contract with us, the Zorgzoeker will also show you how this affects your reimbursement.

It can be difficult to choose the right health-care provider, but our ZorgConsulent team is here for you. They will be happy to look into which health-care provider can see you as quickly as possible. You can call our ZorgConsulent advisers on 0800 022 14 50 (choose option 2 from the menu).

What if my health-care provider doesn’t have a contract?

With ONVZ Vrije Keuze, you don’t usually have to worry about contracts, since we offer a restitution-based reimbursement for many types of health care. That means you can visit any health-care provider without worrying whether they have a contract with ONVZ, as this does not typically affect your reimbursement. You are simply entitled to the amount under your health insurance.

For some types of health care, you may not be reimbursed in full if you need care from a non-contracted health-care provider. For more information, please visit our Maximum reimbursements page.

Check the coverage summary to find out what costs we reimburse.

Good to know

  • Sometimes your health-care provider will claim the costs directly from us. If the provider is not contracted, ONVZ may charge you some of these health-care costs.

  • Your invoice should not be unreasonably high. For types of health care where no maximum reimbursement applies, we generally pay for the care in full. But if the costs of health care with your provider are much higher than for others in the Netherlands, you may need to pay part of the unreasonably high costs yourself. This only applies in exceptional cases.


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