Health insurance policies

By taking out an ONVZ health-care plan, you are putting your health in good hands, whatever your needs, whatever stage of your life you are at.

ONVZ offers you plenty of options, whether you are eligible for the Dutch basic health-care plan or not.

Dutch health insurance

If you are living in the Netherlands and entitled to the mandatory Dutch basic health-care plan (basisverzekering). Please read more about Dutch insurance.

International health insurance

If you are not (or no longer) eligible for a Dutch basic health-care plan. For example when you are a foreign student or receive income from outside The Netherlands. Please read more about our international insurance: Health Basic and Health Premium.

Key advantages

  • Optimal freedom of choice: you are free to choose which doctor you see and which hospital you visit
  • Top quality: only the best is good enough
  • Service and convenience: fast assistance, with support from the ZorgConsulent