Self service

ONVZ app: easily manage your health-care affairs yourself

With the ONVZ app, you can view your personal details anytime and anywhere. You can also use the app to easily arrange your health-care affairs yourself. You can quickly and easily submit a claim, for example.

Submitting claims

If you have visited a health-care provider or received medication, the invoice is usually sent directly to us. If you receive the invoice yourself, you can easily submit it as a claim using the ONVZ app. You can upload the document in the app or take a photo of the invoice.

View financial overview

How much excess do you have left? Are there any costs you still have to pay? How much will be reimbursed for your treatment or medication? You can find it all in the ONVZ app.

View and change data

Through the app, you can easily change your contact preferences and e-mail address under My details.

View data of other insured persons on your policy

If you are the main insured person, you will be able to view all information about your and any minor’s plans and claims in the app. If you would also like to view the details related to insured persons aged 16 or older, they must give their permission first. The insured person in question can arrange this easily via My details in MijnONVZ.

What can be arranged in the app and for what do you need MijnONVZ? 

You can arrange all kinds of things in the app and MijnONVZ. Below, you will find a list of the possibilities. 

This is possible in both the ONVZ app and MijnONVZ: 

  • get an explanation about MijnONVZ/app 
  • log in with DigiD 
  • submit claims 
  • change email address 
  • change contact preferences 
  • download policy sheet 
  • split policy 
  • view frequently asked questions 
  • set language preferences (from Dutch to English and vice versa) 

Only in MijnONVZ 

  • The options below are now only available in MijnONVZ and not (yet) in the ONVZ app, although we are working hard on new features. 
  • change phone number 
  • change financial details 
  • change payment term 
  • add person to policy 
  • change plan(s) 
  • request proof of insurance 
  • authorise the main insured person 
  • view details of health-care costs and claims 

Download the app

You can download the ONVZ app via the Apple App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices). 

How the app works

The ONVZ app has been renewed. Watch this video to learn more. 

What do you think of the app?

Please let us know what you think of the ONVZ app. Post a review on the Apple App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android). Also let us know if you have any tips for us to further improve the app.

Good to know

  • If you can no longer use your phone or tablet, you can block the device in MijnONVZ. This makes the ONVZ app unavailable on this device. You will not be able to use the app until you reactivate it on a different phone or tablet.

  • As the main insured person, you can view the claims and insurance details of other insured persons on your policy. However, insured persons 16 years or older must first give you permission via MijnONVZ.


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