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Healthcare advice from the ZorgConsulent

If you are insured with ONVZ, you have first-class health-care insurance, with excellent service and personal attention. This includes our ZorgConsulent advisers. They will be happy to help you find a doctor or explore what treatment is best for you. The ZorgConsulent can help you with waiting list mediation, informal carer support or arranging a second opinion.

Have the ZorgConsulent call you at your convenience

You can leave a call-back request. You will then be called back within your preferred timeslot.

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Waiting list mediation

Are you on a waiting list? You may be able get treatment sooner if you go to a different health-care provider. Ask the ZorgConsulent.

Health-care mediation

Advice on treatment

Are you encountering problems during your treatment? Or do you not know which organisation to turn to? The ZorgConsulent will help you with personal advice.

Guide to health care

Second opinion

The ZorgConsulent will be happy to explain what a second opinion entails and which health-care provider you can turn to.

Second opinion
"We are a personal guide in health care. You can come to us for advice, for example on how to prepare for a conversation with a doctor, for informal carer support or a second opinion.''
Ashley, ZorgConsulent at ONVZ

Preparing for a consultation with your doctor

Being well prepared can help you get more out of a conversation with a doctor. Our ZorgConsulent can help you.

Snelzorg (Fast care)

The ZorgConsulent will be happy to find out which health-care provider can help you the fastest. Even if you are not on a waiting list.

Informal care

Are you an informal carer? If so, our ZorgConsulent will be happy to offer you a listening ear, practical tips and useful information.

Advice and guidance in case of cancer

Being told you have cancer will turn your world upside down. There are several things you will have to arrange in this situation, while your head may not be in the right place. The ZorgConsulent is there to help.

Would you like to be advised by the ZorgConsulent?

Contact our ZorgConsulent advisers for more information and advice. They can be reached on working days on 0800 022 14 50, choose option 2. You can also leave a call-back request. You will then be called back within your preferred timeslot.

What is a ZorgConsulent adviser?

When you need health care, you can rely on ONVZ. Our ZorgConsulent advisers know the health-care field well and have extensive medical knowledge. Some of them are BIG-registered nurses. ZorgConsulent advisers are not health-care providers and they cannot make diagnoses. They can advise you and they are ready to support or inform you.

What does a ZorgConsulent adviser do?

You have optimal freedom to choose your own doctor or hospital. We understand that the choice may not always be easy. That is why our ZorgConsulent advisers are ready to talk things through with you, for example if you are on a waiting list or would like a second opinion. They will also support you if you are an informal carer, inform you about prevention and explore where you can get the fastest and best help.

Excellent service and personal attention

Our ZorgConsulent advisers do their utmost to help you get the best possible treatment as quickly as possible. They are in contact with all ONVZ-contracted health-care providers in the Netherlands and therefore know where you can go for your requested (initial) treatment or consultation. They can also help you find out which hospital is best suited for which treatment. Everything to help you get help the best and fastest help.


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