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If you take out a basic health-care plan within your employer's collective scheme, Werkfit will be added to your policy free of charge. It doesn't matter whether you choose ONVZ Free Choice or ONVZ Smart Choice. Werkfit is meant especially for people working in the Netherlands, giving you free access to extra care and solutions to help you feel mentally and physically healthy. The free Werkfit plan includes interesting coverage that will almost certainly benefit you.


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Key benefits Werkfit

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Health check-up


Do you know your cholesterol level, or your BMI? Or what causes your stress? When it comes to staying healthy, keep in mind: to measure is to know. A preventive health check-up is a good start. This check-up gives you insight into your personal (mental) health, possible health risks and what you can do yourself to manage and improve your health.

You can choose between a mental and a physical health check-up. The mental health check-up (GRIP Energy Meter) is offered online and we reimburse it in full. The physical health check-up can be done either online or on location. We fully reimburse the online check-up. An on-site check-up costs about €200. Werkfit will cover half of those costs (max. €100, once per calendar year).

Three physiotherapy sessions


Do you suffer from physical complaints when moving? Or did you get injured while playing sports? Be comforted in knowing  you can get three (extra) treatments at a (online) physiotherapist of your choice covered by Werkfit. This extra coverage is provided on top of any treatments included in your supplementary health-care plans.  

Preventing or treating work-related stress


Prevention is better than cure, this also applies to stress-related complaints. Are you experiencing conflict at work? Do you find it difficult to set boundaries? Are you under too much pressure at work? Or is your work-life balance suffering? Werkfit offers you four different solutions that help you tackle stress complaints, worth €500. You can choose from:


Online coaching 

For many people, it is helpful to talk to an online coach once in a while to prevent or tackle work stress. Online coaching is a low-threshold to manage work stress. Contact with the psychologist takes place via a video link, allowing for a tailor-made approach. An online coaching programme takes three hours on average, including a 30-minute intake. The remaining time is chopped up into pieces, so that there are frequent 20-30 minute contact moments spread over a 1-2 month time period. A short and fast programme that will help you get rid of your stress symptoms in a targeted way. Werkfit covers a complete online coaching programme through HeyCoach.

Running therapy

Do you prefer a more active method to deal with stress-related symptoms? Consider running therapy. Running therapy consists of a number of sessions in which you go out into nature with a therapist to run. Find yourself a certified running therapist who is a member of the BRTN (Beroepsvereniging RunningTherapie Nederland) in your area. Werkfit reimburses a maximum of €500.


Individual or group coaching

Does the mental health check-up show that you could use some support in preventing stress? You can also use the €500 budget for individual or group coaching. This coaching is provided by GRIP, the organisation behind the mental check-up (Energy meter).

Tackling menopause symptoms

According to research by CBS and TNO, more than half of menopausal women are also hindered by their symptoms at work. How do you recognise these symptoms? And what can you do about them? Especially for menopausal women, we offer the 'Menopause and hormones' programme free of charge through our partner ‘Ook leuke meisjes worden vijftig’ [Cute girls turn fifty too]. It helps you improve your lifestyle, mood and sex life, and reduce (mental) menopause symptoms. The programme is based on years of experience and scientific research.

Three treatments with a psychologist free of charge


Werkfit includes even more care and self-help. Such as €250 reimbursement for extra psychological care. This allows you to visit a psychologist for 2 or 3 consultations, depending on the length of the consultation and the rate charged by the psychologist. Check this carefully before making an appointment. Do you have a supplementary health-care plan? This reimbursement comes on top of that.


Working on stress and other mild stress-related complaints yourself


Does visiting a psychologist, online coaching or running therapy feel like too big a step? Get started yourself with Mirro's online self-help modules Work Stress, Sleeping Well, Working at Home or Feedback and conflict management. You can use these for free. 


Werkfit is free

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Good to know

  • Has your employer taken out collective health insurance with ONVZ? And do you have a basic health-care plan as a participant of this collective scheme? If yes, you are entitled to our free Werkfit module.

  • Only you as an employee can use Werkfit. Your partner and children, if any, are not entitled to compensation from Werkfit.

  • If you leave your employer and as such, are no longer part of your employer's collective scheme, you will no longer be entitled to the reimbursements Werkfit offers from the first day of the month following your departure from the company.

Refer to the coverage summary or general rules and regulations and coverage to see all of our benefits.

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