Statutory personal contribution

Certain types of health care, medicines or medical appliances are subject to a statutory personal contribution. The government decides the amount of this personal contribution, as well as the kinds of health care to which it applies. The personal contribution is the same for everyone.

Difference between the excess and the statutory personal contribution:

Personal contribution

  • applies to all ages
  • applies to certain types of health care covered by the basic health-care plan
  • fixed amount, percentage or remaining amount for each type of health care
  • the personal contribution may be covered by your supplementary health-care plan
  • payment of the personal contribution takes precedence over the excess


  • applies to people aged 18 and over
  • applies to nearly all health care normally covered by the basic health-care plan
  • fixed annual amount
  • the excess cannot be reimbursed under a supplementary health-care plan
  • the remaining amount after deduction of the personal contribution is set off against your excess

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