Self service

Submitting a claim

How it works

When you visit a doctor, specialist, hospital or pharmacy, you will sometimes be sent an invoice. If the costs are covered by your basic health-care plan or supplementary health-care plan, you can claim them back from us.

The claims process explained

  • Submit your claim online, using the ONVZ app or by post
  • Once received, online claims will be processed within five working days
  • Any reimbursement will be transferred directly to your bank account

Good to know

  • If you submit a claim electronically, i.e. by sending a scan or photo online or using the app, you need to keep the original invoice for at least one year from the date on which you submit the claim. We may request the original invoice at any time during this period.

  • In most cases, health-care providers will submit invoices to us on your behalf. We will then pay any reimbursement directly to your health-care provider. If it turns out that you have to pay all or part of the costs yourself, we will send you a bill.

  • Special rules apply when submitting claims for health-care costs incurred abroad. We need you to provide us with specific details and your invoice must be in either Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish. Claims for health-care costs incurred abroad may also take longer to process. To find out more about the details, please contact us.

  • If you send us multiple claims at the same time, processing may take slightly longer. For this reason, we advise you not to save up your claims. You can check the status of your claims on MijnONVZ and in the ONVZ app — useful and convenient. We aim to pay claims to you within five working days. Claims submitted by post will be processed within ten working days.

  • The date of treatment or delivery will be used in the assessment of entitlement, not the invoice date. Please submit the invoices as soon as possible after receiving them, so that any excess amounts or personal contributions can be settled.


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