Help getting a second opinion

Not quite sure about your health-care provider's diagnosis or proposed treatment? Ask for the help of our ZorgConsulent advisers to arrange a second opinion. They will be happy to help you find the right health-care provider specialised in the same ares, whether you have ONVZ Free Choice or ONVZ Smart Choice. This enables you to choose a treatment you are comfortable with.

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What is a second opinion?

Do you have questions about the diagnosis your GP, dentist, medical specialist or other health-care provider has discussed with you, or about the treatment they propose? You can ask another doctor for their opinion: a second opinion. That doctor only gives their opinion and does not take over the treatment. The basic health-care plan covers a second opinion if certain conditions are met.

A second opinion is meant to make sure you are as well informed as possible before you decide on treatment. It is important to first discuss your wish for a second opinion with your own health-care provider, because you will return to them after the second opinion.

What do you need to arrange a second opinion? 

We only reimburse the cost of a second opinion if you have a referral for it from a doctor. This will often be your GP, but a referral can also be issued by your dentist or specialist.  

"Sometimes it doesn't 'click' between you and your doctor. Or you may have doubts about the effectiveness of a treatment. This is when a second opinion can help."
Marjon, ZorgConsulent at ONVZ

Would you like to be advised by the ZorgConsulent?

Contact our ZorgConsulent advisers for more information and advice. They can be reached on working days on 0800 022 14 50, choose option 2. You can also leave a call-back request. You will then be called back within your preferred timeslot.


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