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Have you been waiting for treatment for a long time? Our ZorgConsulenten will be happy to help you with waiting list mediation. Whether you have ONVZ Free Choice or ONVZ Smart Choice, they will quickly find out whether you can get treatment sooner if you go to a different health-care provider. ONVZ Waiting list mediation will help you get treatment as quickly as possible.

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What is waiting list mediation (health-care mediation)

Healthcare providers and health insurers have agreed on maximum waiting times in health care. These maximum acceptable waiting times are called the ‘Treek’ standards.

Have you been referred to a health-care provider and is the waiting time longer than the Treek standards? Do not hesitate to contact the ZorgConsulent advisers. They will approach several health-care providers to compare waiting times and treatments and determine whether you can go to another health-care provider to be helped sooner. We will discuss the options with you.

There are different Treek standards for each type of care. To view all Treek standards, go to our page Maximum acceptable waiting times (Dutch).

When is waiting list mediation possible?

In the following cases, you can contact the ZorgConsulent advisers about waiting list mediation:

  • a consultation (appointment) with a medical specialist
  • diagnostics requested by a general practitioner, or an MRI scan requested by a medical specialist
  • a (day) admission to a hospital or independent treatment centre
  • psychological care
  • nursing and care at home
  • finding a new GP when moving house
  • a short stay in a care institution
  • care for a hearing or visual impairment
  • intensive therapy in case of complex care

Unfortunately, you cannot always be helped more quickly. This applies in particular to (highly) complex care. For example, we cannot help with waiting list mediation for a heart, liver, kidney or lung transplant.

Waiting list mediation for psychological health-care

Did you know that several GGZ (mental health-care) providers also offer online treatment? There is usually no waiting time for this type of care. Wondering if online treatment would be a good option for you? Read more about it on our page Online treatments for mental health (Dutch).  

Mediation to another health-care provider

If you need district nursing (home care) or mental health care, it is important to check in advance (in the care finder [Zorgzoeker]) whether your preferred health-care provider has a contract with ONVZ. From 2021, maximum reimbursement limits apply for treatment by a home care organisation or mental health-care provider that does not have a contract with ONVZ. Would you prefer us to reimburse the health-care in full? Choose one of our contracted health-care providers. Our ZorgConsulent advisers can help you make your choice. They will be happy to tell you which mental health-care provider or home care organisation you can turn to.

"It's nice to be able to surprise someone with an earlier appointment. A relieved response gives me energy and makes my day."
Ashley, ZorgConsulent at ONVZ


You will receive a referral to a health-care provider from your GP.


You want to use health-care mediation and contact the ONVZ ZorgConsulent.


Our ZorgConsulent will explore the possibilities and contact you after.


Your treatment may be provided by another health-care provider. Please note that health-care mediation is not always possible.

Would you like to be advised by the ZorgConsulent?

Contact our ZorgConsulent advisers for more information and advice. They can be reached on working days on 0800 022 14 50, choose option 2. You can also leave a call-back request. You will then be called back within your preferred timeslot.


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