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Coverage for all your emergency care worldwide

Wherever you are: with Wereldfit we reimburse emergency care in full, always and everywhere. Up to the usual local rate. Whether you're on the slopes, on a business trip or doing an internship abroad. The ideal supplement to the basic insurance for globetrotters and holidaymakers who want to travel carefree.

Need emergency care? Receive worldwide coverage

Medical costs abroad may turn out higher than what the same care would have cost in the Netherlands. And the basic health-care plan only covers expenses up to a maximum of the Dutch rate. But with our Wereldfit supplementary health-care plan you receive coverage for the costs that exceed the Dutch rate. This includes repatriation, earlier return, search and rescue.

Maximum travel period of 180 days

With Wereldfit you are additionally insured, if you travel abroad for a maximum of 180 days. Please take into account the following:

  • the maximum travel duration of 180 days also applies if you work abroad for this period, while officially continuing to live in the Netherlands. And if you remain insured under the basic health-care plan in the Netherlands
  • are you leaving for a longer period of time for work, vacation or whatever reason? Then you are not insured with Wereldfit, not even for the first 180 days. Being in the Netherlands for a short period of time does not change this.

Key benefits

  • Emergency care abroad

    Full reimbursement for emergency care, wherever you are

    Costs exceeding the Dutch rate, for care under the basic insurance: supplementary reimbursement up to a maximum of the market rate in the country where you receive care.

    • medicines registered in the Netherlands as non-medicines: max. € 250
    • medicines registered in the Netherlands or abroad that are not covered by the basic insurance or supplementary insurance
    • additional costs of transporting insured travel companions to hospital to visit insured party: car € 0.27 per km
    • additional costs of accommodation for insured travel companions in the event of hospitalisation insured party: max. € 150 per day

    In the event of hospitalisation for more than 5 days or a life-threatening situation, one-off compensation:

    • additional costs of transport for max. 2 persons to visit the insured party: car € 0.27 per km, economy class airplane trip
    • additional costs of accommodation for a maximum of 2 persons to visit the insured party: max. 8 or 15 days, depending on the situation, max. € 150 per day.

  • Hospital care in Belgium and Germany

    In case of a planned (day) admission our prior consent is required

    • 100% coverage for medical specialist care in a hospitals in Belgium and Germany, after guidance by the ZorgConsulent adviser.
    • No reimbursement for costs of a 'Chefarzt' or 'Oberarzt' in Germany or of 'ereloon' (supplements) in Belgium
  • Repatriation

    Repatriation in the event of serious illness or injury

    Stay, max. €150 per day, transportation max. economy (when flying) and €0.27/km (other), in total for:

    • Repatriation, where medically necessary
    • Accommodation if repatriation is not yet possible
    • Travel and accommodation for 1 person coming to visit you
    • Extra costs incurred by having to use alternative transport
  • Early return

    When you fall ill or are injured while travelling, or when a serious situation arises back home

    Extra travel and accommodation costs (abroad) that you incur when you have to return home unexpectedly.

    Stay: max. €150 per day. Transportation: max. economy (when flying) and €0.27/km (other), in total in case of illness or death of travel companions or family at home, or in case of damage to your home or business. In country of residence, transportation only (max. €500)

  • Reimbursement in the event of death

    Support for a far-reaching event.

    Repatriation of physical remains or €7,500 for burial or cremation.

    Extra costs of travel and accommodation for travel companion.
    Costs of family coming over.

    • Repatriation of physical remains or burial or cremation, up to a maximum of €7,500.

    Stay max. €150 per day, transportation max. economy (when flying) and €0.27/km (other), in total for:

    • Travel and accommodation for 2 people to the place where the body is being held
    • Travel and accommodation for 1 person to support a travel companion/family member of the deceased
    • Travel and max. 30 days’ accommodation for insured travel companion
  • Replacement driver

    If the original driver is unable to drive back.

    Replacement driver.

    To place of residence, or to closest pick-up and return location 

Refer to the coverage summary or general rules and regulations and coverage to see all of our benefits.

Do I still need travel insurance?

With Wereldfit, your care abroad is properly arranged - and insured. Would you like to be (also) insured for things like luggage, hobby/sports equipment or cancellation of your trip? Then it's a good idea to keep your travel insurance. You can choose to deactivate certain modules, such as those for medical expenses. With Wereldfit, you are already adequately insured for this. Please note that there are travel insurers who reimburse your compulsory (and sometimes voluntary) excess under this module. Wereldfit does not reimburse this.

More supplementary health-care plans

If you would like to extend your coverage, consider taking out these supplementary health-care plans.

  • OntzorgPlus

    Assured of generous compensations and the best help in emergency situations.

  • Supplementary health-care plans

    Physiotherapy, orthodontics and more.

  • Dental health-care plans

    Check-ups and preventive information or instruction for persons over 18.


Good to know

  • You only can take out your insurance online

    You can take out your insurance directly via the yellow card on the right.

    Please note: if you live outside the Netherlands, you can apply for a supplementary health-care plan by filling out a paper application form and sending it to us. Please request the paper application form using our contact form (in Dutch).

  • Coverage in the event of a negative travel advice due to corona?

    An orange or red travel advice due to corona does not affect the level or scope of the coverage of your health-care plan. This also applies to the supplementary plans Wereldfit and Superfit. However, we do advise you to follow the travel advice issued bt the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • You must always contact our Zorgassistance emergency centre before you incur any costs, unless this is not possible

    Our Zorgassistance emergency centre is always available on +31 (0)88 668 97 67. We reimburse telephone costs incurred when calling the emergency centre from abroad.

  • You are insured abroad if you go abroad for a period of up to 180 days

    You are also insured in your country of residence, but not in the town/city where you live, in cases of at least 1 paid overnight stay.

    You are insured for a maximum of 180 consecutive days.

  • 50% surcharge if you only take out Wereldfit

    If you do not have an ONVZ basic health-care plan, you pay a surcharge of 50% on Wereldfit.

  • The general rules and regulations always apply

    The general rules and regulations apply to all health care and to everyone. They specify things such as coverage exclusions and changes you have to let us know about.

    Please note: in the event of discrepancies between the Dutch text of the general rules and regulations and coverage and their explanation and translations thereof, the Dutch text and explanation shall prevail.

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