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ONVZ Bewuste Keuze Basic health-care plan

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A good health-care plan is important, but you may not (yet) need the generous reimbursements provided by ONVZ Vrije Keuze. ONVZ Bewuste Keuze is here especially for you. It provides good coverage for the most important health care, such as expenses for hospitals, general practitioners and most other health-care providers. And you can also (continue to) rely on the quality and service of ONVZ, the first-class health-care plan.

Basic health-care plan ONVZ Bewuste Keuze

€ 142,90 p/m

  • 100% reimbursement at all hospitals and general practitioners
  • Choice between two supplementary health-care plans for widely used health care
  • Everything taken care of digitally and personal service where required

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Basic health-care plan:

If you pay your premium quarterly, half-yearly or annually, you will receive a discount of 0.5%, 1% and 2% respectively.


Health care that comes under the basic health-care plan is subject to a compulsory excess of €385. These are the health-care costs that you need to pay for yourself. Here’s how it works.

If you expect to incur many health-care costs, you can increase your excess by opting for a voluntary excess. This will lower the premium for your basic health-care plan.

Personal contribution

A statutory personal contribution applies to some health care provided under the basic health-care plan. Find out here which ones.

Good to know

  • You can take out a health-care plan right away via this link.

  • You or your child will not have to start paying their premium until the first day of the month following their 18th birthday.

  • The general rules and regulations apply to all health care and to everyone. They specify things such as coverage exclusions and changes you have to let us know about.

    Please note: in the event of discrepancies between the Dutch text of the general rules and regulations and coverage and their explanation and translations thereof, the Dutch text and explanation shall prevail.

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Extra care and self-help.



Coverage for more physiotherapy or health care abroad.


Op Reis

Well covered for urgent health-care abroad.



Half-yearly check-ups reimbursed for a small premium.

Basic health-care plan € 142,90 p/m
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