Health-care plans

Basic health-care plan

Having a good health-care plan is important. That’s why you deliberately choose a health-care plan that covers the most important health care and gives you certainty that everything is taken care of. ONVZ Bewuste Keuze is here especially for you. It provides full coverage for hospitals, general practitioners, prescription medicines and most health-care providers. And you can also rely on the quality and service of ONVZ, the first-class health-care plan.

Basic health-care plan

Supplementary health-care plans

The ONVZ Bewuste Keuze basic health-care plan provides coverage for everything that is really necessary. If you want more peace of mind, you can choose the ONVZ Bewuste Keuze Start or the ONVZ Bewuste Keuze Extra supplementary health-care plan.

Supplementary insurances


Half-yearly check-ups reimbursed for a small premium.


Op Reis

Well covered for urgent health care abroad.

Op Reis

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Good to know

  • Our ZorgConsulent advisers are good listeners and experts in the world of health care. They provide high-quality information about hospitals in the Netherlands, allowing you to make a better choice between doctors or hospitals. ONVZ Bewuste Keuze provides 100% reimbursement for all hospitals, general practitioners and health-care providers who have a contract with us. If you opt for a health-care provider who does not have a contract with ONVZ, we will reimburse up to 75% of the average contracted rate.

  • In most cases, health-care providers will submit invoices to us on your behalf. We will then pay any reimbursement directly to your health-care provider. If it turns out that you have to pay all or part of the costs yourself, we will send you a bill.

  • If your health-care provider does not have a contract with us, we may not reimburse the whole invoice. You can check the maximum reimbursements. If your health-care provider charges more than the amount listed, you will need to pay the rest yourself.


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