Health insurance in the Netherlands

If you are coming to the Netherlands as an expat, a student, or plan to reside here permanently, you may need Dutch health insurance.

If you are planning on moving to the Netherlands, you need to take out Dutch health insurance. In most cases, you are required to apply for a basic health-care plan. Depending on the situation, you can sometimes keep your foreign health insurance.

Studying in the Netherlands

You cannot apply for a basic health-care plan in the Netherlands. We will explain the possibilities.

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Working in the Netherlands

You have to apply for Dutch health insurance. Would you like to apply for the basic health-care plan with ONVZ?

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Living in the Netherlands

It depends on your situation whether you can apply for Dutch health insurance. Let us explain more.

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Highly skilled migrant

  • As a highly skilled migrant, you are eligible for a basic health-care plan if you are coming to work in the Netherlands. Read more.


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