Health insurances

Choose your own health insurance

You like to make your own decisions when it comes to your health and that of your family members. Freedom of choice is paramount at ONVZ. 


Your free choice is our guiding principle. You choose which doctor, specialist or other care provider you go to. It is your life and your health, after all.

Does my health-care provider have a contract?  

If you are insured with ONVZ, you usually do not have to worry about contracts. For almost all types of care, you can go to your preferred health-care provider without having to worry whether they have a contract with ONVZ. Contract or not, you are entitled to the coverage your health-care plan offers.

Exceptions to this are mental health care (ggz) and district nursing (home care). We have seen that a small group of health-care providers in mental health care and district nursing makes unnecessary use of our extensive cover. That is why we decided to instate maximum reimbursement limits for mental health care and home care organisations that do not have a contract with ONVZ. If you are using a contracted health-care provider, you are entitled to full reimbursement.

Choosing a health-care provider 

Our Zorgzoeker helps you find the nearest health-care provider that specialises in your complaint(s). Found a suitable healthcare provider? The Zorgzoeker shows their contact details, whether they have a contract with ONVZ and lets you know if any special conditions apply.

We can imagine that you may find it difficult to choose a healthcare provider. If that is the case, our ZorgConsulent advisers are there to help. They would be happy to find suitable health-care providers for you to contact. The ZorgConsulent advisers can be reached on telephone number 0800 020 00 04 (choose option 2).

Good to know

  • Sometimes your health-care provider will send the invoice directly to ONVZ.

  • You can then easily submit your claim for these costs via MijnONVZ or our app. Your claim will be processed within 5 working days.

  • All health insurers in the Netherlands reimburse no more than the maximum price.

  • If your health-care provider charges rates that are much higher than the market average, you may have to pay part of the resulting unreasonably high invoice yourself. This is not common.

  • We have not contracted all health-care providers in mental health care or district nursing and for those types of care, maximum reimbursement limits apply per 1 January 2021.


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