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Werkfit helps you to stay mentally and physically healthy. With Werkfit you get extra coverage for psychological care, physiotherapy and preventive health care, among other things. You get Werkfit for free if you take out the basic health-care plan and a supplementary plan with ONVZ through your employer.


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Offered through your employer

If you take out a basic health-care plan with ONVZ via your employer and add Startfit, Benfit, Optifit or Topfit, you are entitled to Werkfit for free. This offers you extra care to use as you see fit.

Refer to the coverage summary or general rules and regulations and coverage to see all of our benefits.

Key benefits Werkfit

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€100 for Health check-up


Werkfit covers up to €100 per calendar year for a health check-up or a more extensive preventive examination without a medical reason.

A health check-up may consist of a health examination with a fitness test, a strength test, a short physical examination and sometimes a heart film. But a health check-up can also entail an examination of someone’s mental fitness. Or a combination of both.

An example of a more extensive preventive examination is a total body scan. 

Good to know: this reimbursement comes on top of any coverage already included in your supplementary plan.

3 physiotherapy sessions


We will reimburse 3 extra sessions on top of the coverage of your supplementary plan.

Psychological care up to a maximum of €250 per year


You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €250 for the treatment of:

  • work-related problems, like burn-out or severe stress
  • relationship problems
  • adjustment disorders, e.g. after death or divorce

Good to know: this reimbursement comes on top of any coverage already included in your supplementary plan.

€500 reimbursement for a preventive programme for mental health care


We will cover €500 for a preventive programme for mental health care. A preventive health-related course helps you to stay healthy and prevent health problems. The programmes from which to choose match the themes of Mirro's self-help modules.

Good to know: this reimbursement comes on top of any coverage already included in your supplementary plan.



You will have access to Mirro's self-help modules. Mirro's online modules can be a stepping stone to start working on minor psychological complaints. Mirro's self-help modules help to relieve and prevent psychological complaints. Mirro's modules focus on specific and diverse themes, such as worrying, stress, excessive smartphone use, informal care, self-image and coping with a chronic illness. Incidentally, you do not have to have mental issues to use Mirro. Mirro also offers modules with tips for better sleep or advice on how to achieve successful change (how to successfully stop smoking, for example).


Werkfit is free

Does your employer have a collective scheme with ONVZ? Click on the button below to build your health-care plan and calculate your premium and benefit from Werkfit.

Good to know

  • Has your employer taken out collective health insurance with ONVZ? And do you have one or more supplementary insurances as a participant of this collective scheme? If yes, you are entitled to our free Werkfit module.

  • Only you as an employee can use Werkfit. Your partner and children, if any, are not entitled to compensation from Werkfit.

  • If you leave your employer and as such, are no longer part of your employer's collective scheme, you will no longer be entitled to the reimbursements Werkfit offers from the first day of the month following your departure from the company.

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