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ONVZ has stopped supporting iDIN as a login method

Since 5 April 2021, ONVZ will no longer offer iDIN as a method to log in to your MijnONVZ account. Below, we will explain why we have decided to stop with iDIN and how you can keep using MijnONVZ.

Only a few users

ONVZ policyholders could log in to MijnONVZ using DigiD or iDIN. We had noticed for some time that only a very small proportion of our policyholders used iDIN. Therefore, the costs of offering iDIN no longer outweighed the benefits, namely added convenience for our insureds.

We have therefore decided that from 5 April 2021 onwards, we will no longer offer iDIN as a login option. After all, as a non-profit association, we aim to be as economical as possible with the premium money our policyholders pay.

You can from now on several other methods to view your insurance and claim details. It is up to you to decide which method you prefer.

Logging in with DigiD

There is a good chance that you already use DigiD to log in on the platforms of other organisations. Good news: you can also use this login method for MijnONVZ. If you do not have a DigiD yet, read on below 'I do not yet use DigiD'.

I already use DigiD

If you already have a DigiD account, you can use it to log in to MijnONVZ. You do not need to create a new account. Through DigiD, ONVZ can safely verify that you are the one logging in. This allows us to display all your details and claims in MijnONVZ. Safe and easy!

I do not yet use DigiD

DigiD is a login method that enables you to confirm your identity in a secure manner. Many organisations in the Netherlands use this login method. Think for example of government sites, pension funds and (health) insurance companies. Therefore, one of its advantages is that you only have to create one account that you can safely use to log in to the platforms of various organisations.

How do I create an account?

Everyone with a Dutch citizen service number (BSN) can create a DigiD account. Even if you live abroad. If you want more information on how to create an account, go to the DigiD website and follow the step-by-step plan.

Also activate SMS verification or the DigiD app

It is important to activate text message verification or the DigiD app immediately after creating your DigiD account. To log into MijnONVZ, you need 'two-step verification'. This means you must not only enter your username and password, but confirm your login with a code you receive by text message or the DigiD app. This extra step ensures your details will always be safe and secure. On the DigiD website, you can read more about activating SMS verification or the DigiD app.

Create your DigiD account >

I still have questions

Do you still have questions after reading this information? Or do you need help setting up a DigiD account? Our Service Center is ready to help you. You can reach them Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. via the live chat (yellow button on the right side of the page), or by calling +31 (0)30 639 62 22 free of charge.

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