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Dutch health care

The Netherlands has a universal healthcare system managed by the government and supplemented by private health insurers.

The Netherlands has a healthcare system that is based on care that is accessible, affordable and of good quality. Everyone living or working in the Netherlands is required by law to have a basic health insurance. The compulsory Dutch basic health insurance will cover most basic medical care.

Types of health care

There are three types of health care in the Netherlands, which are funded through taxation and your health insurance premiums:

  • Basic medical care

    For example GP visits, hospital stays and specialist appointments. This type of care is managed by private health insurance companies, like ONVZ. See also basic health-care plan

  • Supplementary care

    For example physiotherapy, dental care, alternative medicine. For this type of care you can choose for a supplementary health care plan or you can pay for it yourself. See also supplementary health-care plans

  • Long-term care

    For example long-term use of a wheelchair or a stay in a nursing home. This type of care is managed by local councils or other institutions as instructed by the government

Dutch health insurance

If you live or work in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out at least a compulsory Dutch basic health insurance (basisverzekering). You must register with a health insurance company within 4 months of arrival, even if you already have foreign insurance or expat insurance that covers medical care in the Netherlands. Please read more about our insurances.

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Please note

Are you not or no longer eligible for a Dutch basic health-care plan because, for example, you are a foreign student or receive income from outside The Netherlands? We would like to offer you a fitting solution with our International health-care plans. Please read more about our international insurance: Health Basic and Health Premium.

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The Dutch healthcare system explained

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