Health insurance policies

Health insurance premiums

All insured persons in the Netherlands pay premiums. That is how we share the costs and keep health care affordable and accessible. Your basic health-care plan includes care that you might not need yourself, but that others do. We all contribute indirectly towards things like care services for the elderly or maternity care.

Payment methods

You can pay your premiums as follows:

  • with iDEAL
  • by direct debit
  • by bank transfer

Let us know which method you prefer. You can give us a direct debit authorisation through your MijnONVZ account (in Dutch), or by sending us an email or a direct debit form.

If you have given us a direct debit authorisation, we will debit the premium for the coming month, quarter, half-year or year from your bank account around the 29th day of the month preceding the applicable period.

Payment schedule

You can pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. If you choose one of the last three options, you will receive a discount of 0.5%, 1%, or 2% respectively.

Calculate your premium

Bank account number ONVZ

Our account number is NL59INGB0007812890. This is also printed on any invoice we send you.


There are several ways to benefit from an attractive discount on your health insurance premiums. Ask your employer if they have collective insurance with us, increase your voluntary excess or choose a different payment schedule.


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