Self service

Quickly change your personal details

Through MijnONVZ and the ONVZ app, you can quickly and easily change your personal details. For example, you can report a birth, change your bank account number or adjust your payment term.

You can keep your personal details up to date quickly and easily via the ONVZ app and MijnONVZ. As soon as you make a change, it is immediately visible and processed. We recommend that you keep your personal details up to date so that we are able to contact you if necessary.

Please note: some details can only be changed by the policyholder!

Which details can you change yourself?

Go to my details in the ONVZ app or MijnONVZ to view and change your personal information.

Changes you can make with the ONVZ app and MijnONVZ

You can change the following information in both the ONVZ app and MijnONVZ

  • email address 
  • contact preferences
  • language preference (from Dutch to English and vice versa)

The following information can only be changed using MijnONVZ

The details below can only be changed in MijnONVZ, this is not (yet) possible in the ONVZ app.

  • telephone number
  • financial details
  • payment term
  • adding a person to your policy
  • health-care plan

Other changes you need to tell us about


If you are pregnant and would like to request maternity care, please call the ONVZ Kraamzorg Service on +31 (0)88 668 97 05. You can also request maternity care online (in Dutch). Some of our supplementary health-care plans entitle you to a maternity package.

Changing or cancelling your health-care plan

If you want to cancel your health-care plan with us, you must do so before 1 January. Changes to your supplementary or dental health-care plan must be submitted before 1 February. 1 February is also the cut-off date for changes to your voluntary excess. In some situations, you can change or cancel your health-care plan early.

Moving house

If you have a basic health-care plan and you move house within the Netherlands, we will automatically receive your new address details from the municipal personal records database. You do not have to do anything.

For more practical information, go to our Service page.

Change your personal details?

Log in to your personal MijnONVZ via your DigiD. 


Questions? We are here whenever you need us