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This does travel advice mean for the coverage of your health insurance

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You are given complete freedom in choosing your doctor, medical specialist or other care provider.

Dutch health insurance

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International health insurance NetherlandsĀ 

Health insurance in the Netherlands for Expats and Students. 


Information about the coronavirus

The coronavirus has reached the Netherlands. What does this mean for you? Check out the information and frequently asked questions about the coronavirus. Read more

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Update coronavirus: ONVZ employees are working at home

Because of the coronavirus, our employees are temporarily working at home. We have taken this measure to prevent the virus from spreading further and to minimise the health risk to our employees. Especially during these times it is extra important that we stay available to help you. Although our employees work hard every day, sometimes you may have to wait a little longer than you are used to. We ask for your kind understanding.

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  • Best health insurer in the Netherlands

    ONVZ has the best product range out of all health insurers and its services are also highly rated. Read more.

    Best health insurer Netherlands
  • International health insurance NetherlandsĀ 

    If you are an expat or student, there's a chance you have to take out an International insurance. Read more about this insurance.

    International health insurance Netherlands
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    ONVZ is an excellent choice.

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  • ZorgConsulent adviser

    Our ZorgConsulent advisers are happy to advise you and answer any question you may have about your health. Read more.

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