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OntzorgPlus supplementary health-care plan

The best possible help in emergency situations.

What does OntzorgPlus cover?

We hope it will never happen, of course, but imagine you get in an accident, or are diagnosed with a serious illness. Would you know what arrangements to make in that kind of situation? With ONVZ's OntzorgPlus supplementary health-care plan, you can count on the best possible help in organising the right care and support. OntzorgPlus also covers high costs commonly incurred in emergency situations.

It goes without saying that you are well insured with ONVZ. But what happens when you suddenly face unexpectedly high costs as a result of a serious accident or illness? We are talking about the kinds of costs that are not directly health care-related, or that your basic health-care plan does not cover. For example, who will take care of your children and do the housekeeping while you are in hospital? How will you arrange home and car modifications if you become disabled? And how do you ensure a smooth treatment and recovery process?

Your health care and its organisation in trusted hands

In an emergency situation, you already have a lot on your plate. Meanwhile, you want to keep your work and family life on track. You may not want to think about that right now. However, we often see that help during an emergency situation falls short. You may have to wait for assistance a long time, end up with the wrong kind of help or not get the help reimbursed. This is precisely why we created the option for you to outsource worrying about this to us, relying on our knowledge and expertise. Aside from that, we will cover any costs that are commonly incurred in these kinds of situations.

All it takes for us to take things out of your hands is one phone call to the ONVZ ZorgConsulent advisers, who will look into what you  need and will get to work for you right away.

Key benefits

  • Temporary extra help at home during emergency situations

    • 1 week of domestic assistance during or after your hospital stay
    • 1 week of childminder services during your stay in the hospital
    • 2 weeks of carer relief when you are unable to provide informal care yourself
  • Additional health-care services

    • the ZorgConsulent adviser is ready to provide guidance, like with searching for the right health-care provider or service provider for example, or when you need help filling in a form that is not entirely clear to you. The ZorgConsulent adviser will also help you navigate the labyrinth of health care, reimbursements, and all the organisations and authorities involved
    • the ZorgConsulent adviser will arrange a single, extensive telephone consultation with a medical specialist so that you can discuss your medical situation, possible treatments and/or chances of recovery
    • a nurse will help you prepare and will accompany you to your appointment with the medical specialist
    • aid for third-party claims: €12,500 for a lawyer or claims management service (engaged by us)
  • Transport and accommodation

    Coverage for:

    • medical transportation getting to and from your treatment/check-up
    • travel costs of your family members who come to visit you in hospital if you are in hospital far from home
    • the cost of your family staying in a guest house/room in the event that you end up in a specialist hospital in the Netherlands due to a serious accident or being diagnosed with a serious ailment
  • Additional care for cancer patients

    • additional diagnostic tests for breast cancer: MammaPrint or Oncotype DX
    • exercise programme during and after cancer to stay as fit as possible
    • in some situations coverage for provisionally approved treatments
  • Modification of home or vehicle

    In certain situations in case you are a permanent wheelchair user:

    • modifications to your home up to a maximum of €100,000


    • modifications to your vehicle up to a maximum of €40,000
  • Dental health care after an accident

    • in case of lose of your front theeth: up to a maxium of €10,000 per calendar year

Refer to the coverage summary or general rules and regulations and coverage to see all of our benefits.

More supplementary health-care plans

If you would like to extend your coverage, consider taking out these supplementary health-care plans.

  • Basic-health-care plan

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  • Supplementary health-care plans

    Physiotherapy, orthodontics and more.

  • Dental health-care plans

    Check-ups and preventive information or instruction for persons over 18.


Good to know

  • If you are already insured with ONVZ you can take out OntzorgPlus by logging in to MijnONVZ

    If you are already insured with ONVZ you can take out OntzorgPlus in MijnONVZ by navigating to My health-care plans and clicking on 'change health-care plan' (in Dutch).

  • If possible, always contact the ONVZ ZorgConsulent adviser before you incur any costs

    The ONVZ ZorgConsulent adviser is available on telephone number +31(0)88 022 1450, option 2 (free of charge in the Netherlands). The ZorgConsulent adviser will determine which coverage you are entitled to in your situation. Without the permission of the ZorgConsulent adviser, you will not be entitled to reimbursement.

  • € 20 surcharge if you only take out OntzorgPlus

    If you do not have a basic health-care plan with ONVZ but still want to take out OntzorgPlus, you will pay a € 20 surcharge per month.

  • Less attractive for over 70s

    If you are aged 70 or above, OntzorgPlus may be less attractive for you, since certain coverage is subject to an age limit of 70. 

  • The general rules and regulations always apply

    The general rules and regulations apply to all health care and to everyone. They specify things such as coverage exclusions and changes you have to let us know about.

    Please note: in the event of discrepancies between the Dutch text of the general rules and regulations and coverage and their explanation and translations thereof, the Dutch text and explanation shall prevail.

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