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Notifying us of changes

Please inform us in good time about any changes to your personal situation. We need the right information in order to be able to keep offering you the best possible service.

How to inform us

You can inform us about any changes online through MijnONVZ or our contact form. Alternatively, you can send a letter to:

ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar

Postbus 392

3990 GD Houten

The Netherlands

What changes do you need to tell us about?

Changing or cancelling your health-care plan

If you want to cancel your health-care plan with us, you must do so before 1 January. Changes to your supplementary or dental health-care plan must be submitted before 1 February. 1 February is also the cut-off date for changes to your voluntary excess. You can submit changes by telephone or online through our contact form, MijnONVZ or the ONVZ app.

In the following situations, you can change or cancel your health-care plan early:

  • you start working for a new employer, which has a collective health-care plan with another insurer. Your new employment contract must start straight after the previous one ends
  • you get divorced
  • you turn 18
  • you take up military service
  • ONVZ has modified the premium or terms and conditions to your disadvantage

Moving house

If you have a basic health-care plan and you move house within the Netherlands, we will automatically receive your new address details from the municipal personal records database. You do not have to do anything.


If you are pregnant and would like to request maternity care, please call the ONVZ Kraamzorg Service on +31 (0)88 668 97 05. You can also request maternity care online (in Dutch). Some of our supplementary health-care plans entitle you to a maternity package.




New bank account number

Cancellation of collective health-care plan

If you leave your job, you must continue with your health-care plan(s) on an individual basis until at least the date on which your insurance contract expires. This date is 1 January. Your premium will increase, because you will no longer be entitled to the collective discount. If you join a collective scheme through your new employer immediately after leaving your old job, your previous health-care plan will be terminated.

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