Support for informal carers

Providing informal care can be difficult and demanding. ONVZ wants to prevent you - as an informal carer - from being overburdened by your care responsibilities. That is why our ZorgConsulent advisers are happy to help you with your personal care issues, for instance when it comes to informal carer support and relief. Informal carer support is included in the ONVZ Free Choice basic health-care plan.

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What is informal care?

Informal care is help you provide long-term and unpaid to someone close to you. For example, you can be a carer for your mother or father, your child, partner or friend with an illness or disability. The help a carer gives can range from doing small chores around the house, helping with dressing and undressing, administering medication, helping with washing or showering to doing administrative or tasks.

In the video below, our ZorgConsulent adviser Albert Elsendoorn explains what he can do for informal carers (in Dutch).

"As a ZorgConsulent adviser, I inform informal carers about all their possibilities and help them with applying for various support arrangements."
Albert, ZorgConsulent adviser at ONVZ

The possibilities

Informal carer reimbursements

Informal care is care you give to a loved one unpaid. However, ONVZ thinks it is important to support you to prevent you from becoming overburdened. That is why we offer various reimbursements for informal care, depending on your (supplementary) health-care plan:

- Help with informal care: informal care support and informal care broker

- Informal care relief

- Mirro: online self-help module for informal carers

- Psychological care at the GP

Mirro: self-help module for informal carers

With a basic health-care plan with ONVZ, you can use Mirro's online self-help modules free of charge. One of those modules is specially designed for informal carers. You can use the module on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Tips and information

MantelzorgNL: association for informal carers

Informal carers can turn to MantelzorgNL for information, advice and a listening ear. They organise meetings and workshops, assist informal carers and offer useful information. For € 2 a month, you can become a member and use all of their services. You can also look up support organisations in your area on MantelzorgNL.

Frequently asked questions about informal care

  • No, you do not need to apply for informal care. You give or receive informal care from a family member or someone else in your social network.

  • Anyone can become an informal carer. Often this happens without you realising it, because you carry more and more care responsibilities for your loved one. But you can also consciously choose to become an informal carer. For example, if your neighbour suddenly needs help, or if you register on a website for volunteers such as WeHelpen.nl.

  • You can apply for carer relief  if you are temporarily unable to provide care yourself.


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