Your health insurance in 2023

What will change for you?

Basic health-care plan

All changes in our basic health-care plan in 2023

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Supplementary plans

All changes in our supplementary health-care plans for 2023

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Health Basic and Health Premium

All changes in our international plans Health Basic and Health Premium for 2023

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Good to know

  • If you would like to take out a new or different supplementary health-care plan or dental health-care plan, you can do so on MijnONVZ up until 31 January 2023. If you want to cancel your health-care plan with us, you must do so before 1 January 2023.

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  • On 12 November we will announce the premiums for 2023
  • Every year on Budget Day, the government announces what will change in basic insurance. Health insurers can also make annual changes. ONVZ has agreed this with you in our General Rule 66.


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